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catering to your hair’s individual needs

Our professional beauticians specialize in catering to your hair’s individual needs, bringing out it’s natural beauty and shine. Please note these rates are only estimates, and depend on hair length and volume. Official rates are given at time of consultation; if you have any questions, please contact us. Due to the chemicals released into the air from some of our products, children are not permitted in the lobby or waiting area unless they are receiving services.


Wash & Set $55 and up

Perfect service to get when you just need to feel clean and fresh that includes Deep wash, regular conditioner and roller set. Leave-in conditioner is included (blow-dry and flat iron are not included).

Wash & Blowout $65 and up

When you get a Dominican blowout, your hair is first washed and conditioned (you may opt for a deep conditioner as well). Then, your hair is set on rollers and you are put under a hooded dryer. Then, (here's the actual "blowout" method) the stylist uses a round brush and a handheld blow-dryer with concentrator nozzle to straighten the hair. The concentrator nozzle is very important as it directs the heat into the one specific area where you are pointing it. After the blowout is done the hair is smooth, shiny, bouncy, and feels very light weight.

Color Retouch $95 and up

A "retouch" is used when there is a line of demarcation. It goes from your roots to that line where the color was applied.

Color Change $190 and up

Getting "all over color" differs from a "retouch" because it is all over your hair. It's a root to ends application. All over color initially costs more because you are changing your hair color. To maintain this new color, you will need to be on a schedule to return for a retouch. This is typically in 3 to 8 weeks and depends on what color you choose and your natural hair color. *Prior consultation required to determine the type of color change needed for your specific hair type.


A treatment for the hair that helps make it soft, shiny, healthy, and beautiful. We offer different kinds of deep conditioner depending on the condition and texture of your hair.

WAXING $12 and up

We offer facial waxing, including eyebrows, upper lip, chin, cheeks, forehead, sideburns, nose, and neck.

Hair Cut $35 and up

We offer different hair cut styles depending on your needs like: trim, layers, bob and many more!

Partial Highlights $95 and up

Partial highlights only cover part of your hair, generally from ear to ear and from fringe to the crown.

Full Head Highlights $150 and up

Full Highlights include having (up to) your entire head of hair highlighted/lowlighted.

Complete Relaxer $100 and up

This treatment is applied to the entire hair, from root to tip. Only natural hair can be relaxed, if you have permanent color, this treatment cannot be applied to your hair. *Prior consultation required to determine the type of color change needed for your specific hair type.

Relaxer Retouch $95 and up

This application should be used for hair that has had previous chemical (Relaxer) texture services and it should be applied just in the roots.

Rinse Color $35 and up

These dyes only partially penetrate the hairshaft. For this reason, the color will survive repeated washing, typically 4–5 shampoos or a few weeks. Semi- permanents contain no, or very low levels of developer, peroxide or ammonia, and are therefore safer for damaged or fragile hair. *Prior consultation required to determine the type of color change needed for your specific hair type.

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